The Best Nightclubs in Lavapies, Madrid

Lavapies is well known for a number of good bars, local tapas and Spanish food restaurants. In Lavapies, you can spend whole night being busy as the parties continue in some nightclubs until the late hours of the morning. Here I present some of the best clubs in Lavapies.

El Juglar

The address is Calle de Lavapies, 37, Madrid, Spain and the club is open from 21:30 to 3:00 pm.



The environed is bohemian, relaxed and energetic but without excess, so the club during weekdays is a versatile venue, starting at 22:00 and then catches with music Puncture DJs.

The front with its bar that mixes red brick and industrial chromium is perfect for a chat and rest if you have danced a lot in the main hall of the club.


The address is Calle del Olmo, 2 (Metro: Lavapies, Tirso de Molina, Anton Martin), Madrid, Spain. The club is open from 23:00 to 6:00 pm.



From 3:00 am, time when the bars of Lavapies usually are closed, streams of people begin to climb the slopes of the Ave Maria and Olive streets to end at this place where music predominates rhythms of flamingo sounds until dawn.

On weekends fun is guaranteed because Candela is one of those bars where you see people completely dissimilar.

There is an urban myth that, in the days of week, you could be lucky to see a famous singer with his group of friends offering a spontaneous and free concert of flamenco in the caves of the ground floor of the premises.

Club 33, La Antigua Medea

The address is Headache, 33 (Metro: Lavapies, Tirso de Molina, Anton Martin), Madrid, Spain. The club is open from midnight to 6:00 am.



Many gays, disappointed by the way has been marketed in the gay in Chueca universe, they are leaving and moving to the Lavapies neighborhood, a neighborhood may be one without being the center of attention. There is a gay universe in Lavapies and one of the mythical places is Club 33, a bar that took 3 decades for gays to welcome the public, but which, however, now has opened the door to heterosexuals, or rather, they no longer close the door. Then, gay or not gay, if you like good funk music, this place is perfect and remains open until 6 am.

Madrid nightclubs have a huge variety and you need many nights to explore all the options.